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Prism is the only easy to use nonlinear regression analysis software on the market.

David R. Edwards, PhD, Senior R&D Scientist Afton Chemical

I have used Prism and many of its competitors extensively and I think Prism is by far the most intuitive and approachable software of its class.

Jessica H. Hartman, Ph.D Duke University

Prism is a scientist friendly tool. It helps our team get off Excel, which has limitations.

Cheryl Dyer, Chief Research Officer SenesTech

Prism is the best graphing and statistics analysis software I know for data manipulations.

Raul Sanoja, Associate Principal Scientist Merck

Prism forces the user to organize the data in a way that makes stats work. These are areas where Excel fails.

Lennart Lundblad, PhD, Director of Clinical Science THORASYS Thoracic Medical Systems Inc.

The simple table layouts in Prism with examples and step-by-step analysis options help me think about how my experiment should be designed. Prism makes my day-to-day much, much easier!

Dr. Adrian Yemm Newcastle University

From the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies to leading academic institutions and Nobel Prize winners, the global research community works with Insightful Science to make the world a healthier, cleaner and better place to live.

Geneious cannot be overestimated! A (work) life without Geneious is no longer possible – it feels dark, cold and hostile…

Jean-Charles Paterna Viral Vector Facility (VVF) of the Neuroscience Center Zurich (ZNZ)

Geneious is an absolutely beautiful package to work with. We love it and we are telling everyone about it.

Charles Moore Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland

This program is wonderful! I was desperately looking for a software program that would make analyzing my sequencing data less painful. Thank you for developing a quality, user-friendly program. The interface is great!

Dr. Monique Stanfel University of Washington

I have found Geneious to be one of the most intuitive and powerful sequence analysis programs that I have used in all my years working in the molecular biology field. Thanks for making my life so much easier.

Prof. John Payne University of California

Geneious is one of the best visualization software packages for molecular biologists. With great customer support and constant updates by the team of developers, Geneious offers many features in a single application that make our research process easier and more effective.

Dr. Ian Toma University of Washington Medical Center

Geneious is the perfect combination of ease-of-use and bioinformatic refinement.

Dr. Joshua Udall, Plant and Wildlife Science Dept. Brigham Young University

Geneious Biologics delivered a software solution that has significantly improved the efficiency and scope of our sequence analysis workflows during therapeutic antibody discovery.

Peter Slavny, Group Leader IONTAS

SnapGene is so easy to use that my lab adopted it instantly. It saves a lot of time and money as we now do all our cloning in SnapGene first and catch any snags in the strategy before they hold us up.

A. Matouschek Northwestern University

SnapGene is awesome. It is straightforward enough to start using right away, yet rich with sophisticated features that cover all of my cloning needs. I recommend this software to anyone who clones DNA.

D. Strongin Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

SnapGene is a most excellent and very intuitive software, and I keep discovering additional useful features. I have tried MANY software packages, none of them even comes close to SnapGene!

W. Rossoll Emory University

SnapGene is the first software I have encountered that allows me to easily follow and control each step of in silico cloning. If you know how to clone at the bench you can use SnapGene right away.

S. Rospert University of Freiburg

I just want to say that I LOVE SnapGene. It has dramatically altered the research that my lab does, giving us the confidence to take on difficult cloning with minimal effort!

D. Bryant University of Glasgow

SnapGene is the most intuitive, easy to use cloning program I have ever been able to get my hands on. SnapGene allows me to clone easily and fearlessly.

D. Kraut Villanova University

nQuery is a one-stop. It is 100% reliable. If the user knows the study design that needs to be implemented, then sample size calculation is a question of just minutes. Trying to programmatically do the same calculations in SAS or R usually takes more than 20 times longer.

Dr Luis Rojas, Executive Director, Head of Biostatistics Target Health

It’s all about the patients. Our work is dedicated to helping find solutions and therapies for the patients that we serve. nQuery helps us do it more effectively and efficiently.

Dr Luis Rojas, Executive Director, Head of Biostatistics Target Health

nQuery is the complete trial design platform to make clinical trials faster, less costly, and more successful.

Dr Luis Rojas, Executive Director, Head of Biostatistics Target Health

I am a consulting statistician in the pharmaceutical industry and I have a vast variety of study designs that I must provide sample size analysis for. nQuery is ideal for all my clinical trial work.

Jeffrey A. Davidson, Ph.D., CEO Alpha Kappa Statistics

Get nQuery. It has everything you need. As a consulting statistician, I have been using it since the company has been in business.

Jeffrey A. Davidson, Ph.D., CEO Alpha Kappa Statistics

nQuery is ideal for all clinical trial work. nQuery walks me through the issues and provides excellent guidance as well as references. They also have the best support team!

Jeffrey A. Davidson, Ph.D., CEO Alpha Kappa Statistics