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Scientific knowledge is increasing at a faster pace than ever before, but legacy processes are hindering progress. They are slow, and filled with error and risk. Insightful Science is ushering in a new way.

Digitally connect with data and extract insights.

The amount of data generated by a single lab is phenomenal and holds enormous promise. Our software is designed to improve the collection, analysis, and extraction of critical insights from this data.

Rapidly experiment — at scale.

There has been an explosion of ideas powered by scientific research. Our solutions streamline experimental design and execution workflows so researchers can be more agile, efficient and effective bringing bold ideas to market, faster.

Automate — and accelerate — the discovery process.

Modern science requires software that is highly specialized, but also intuitive and easy to adopt and use. Our solutions are built and designed by leading scientists with the focus on allowing customers to increase focus on their research and not their software.

Our Products

Data Analysis & Visualization + Bioinformatics Products

Prism is the leading data analysis and visualization software purpose-built for scientific research. Powerful, yet intuitive and helpful, Prism helps scientists save time, make more accurate analysis choices, and elegantly graph and present research.

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Geneious Prime is the world's leading bioinformatics software platform and is packed with fundamental molecular biology and sequence analysis tools. The user-friendly analysis and management tools help unlock the value in sequence data.

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Geneious Biologics is a bioinformatics software solution for therapeutic antibody R&D. The screening and management of antibody sequence data in the cloud, transforms data management and significantly speeds up candidate selection.

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SnapGene is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and document molecular biology procedures. It makes cloning easier, improves communication, and provides a complete record of DNA constructs.

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Cytapex Bioinformatics is a contract research organization (CRO) that partners with leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies to improve and automate high-throughput and high-dimensional cytometry informatics for basic and clinical research, biomarker discovery, and clinical trials.

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nQuery is the world’s most trusted clinical trial design platform. It makes clinical trials faster, less costly, and more successful for biostatisticians and researchers all over the world.

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Life scientists across a broad range of industries trust Insightful Science to advance research and help solve meaningful problems.

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